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A platform to offer NFTs that can be monetized.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

SIFOR is introducing the first platform that will offer monetizable NFTs. Metatron, a fin-tech solution for digital assets. The NFTs that will be offered within the platform will include different types of NFTs such as Art Exhibition rooms, Video Showcasing rooms, and Arcade game rooms that will be one of a kind where they will offer mobile games that are developed by various studios around the world.

The platform will also offer the ability to monetize these assets. For instance, Metatron will have a great traffic of users acquired from within our community and directed to explore the variety of offered rooms which consist of digital goods that are inspired from a community of global artists, game developers, musicians, and indie movie creators.

What do we mean by NFTs that are monetizable?!

The team behind SIFOR will work towards bringing a new level of monetization that will be a driving force to the success of the platform.

The main goal of the platform is to create a new revenue stream for the creator and a new source of revenue for the SIFOR community which is mainly driven through Metacards. Where there will rooms that can be monetised by watching an advertisement from the user in order to get into it and experience it. However Metatron is currently under development and soon it will be available on multiple stores such Google Play, App Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Featuring our Arcade Game Rooms and many more to come!

Featuring mobile games that has been developed by SIFOR and many other game studios too. Users will be able to get into the rooms to experience and play the games too. However each room will represent the game studio, artist, musician, or even a celebrity that wants to be expressed in a room like experience within Metatron.

How to become a creator and book a room of your own?

You can DM us on our Instagram account and we will guide you through the requirements step by step.

We are currently interested in artist and game developers too. Our team will be responsible for selling the room that has been created for you and set it up within Metatron. Taking into account that we will only claim 20% of the NFT room that has been sold and the 80% is granted for the collaborators.

How to become a collector?

To be a collector all you have to do is to buy any of the room that are available on any of our Metatron's stores. After that we will take care of monetising the rooms for you within our platform by offering you the ability to have access to a live data that shows the number of users that have been into the rooms that you own.

SIFOR team will be announcing any new updates regarding Metatron. So stay tuned!

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